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 Forget the fluff and add some serious wellie and the adrenaline rush high from bone crushing extreme sports and you're in the right neighbourhood.

Big vocals, hyperactive guitars, bad- assed bass and periodically evil drumming is the stuff stage diving was made for. The hooks and lyrics are extremely memorable but its the high octane energy level that will get you every single time.

It all kicks off with the debut single 'if i look i see you'...pure and undiluted energy coming at you like a Mach truck being driven by a speed demon from hell. The single has an equally energized and memorable video that's been making all the right noices in all the right places from Los Angeles to Syndey, Australia and just about every place in-between.

Tracks like 'falling to the floor' and 'will it ever end?' have shades of Blondie brilliance and rise far above the typical rock love angst cliche. 'feelin' kemistry' and 'let it go' are pure walls of guitar riffs that hit like a riptide. Fast, furious and upbeat, these tracks have brought Little Spitfire to a new fanbase with skaters, surfers and extreme sporters.

'miss u', 'silly girl', 'no one ever said' and the titular 'say hello' fall on the lighter indie rock side of the scale. Wry and funny lyrics that are very memorable plus excellent hooks make for very popular festival pleasers.

'you wanted to (light my day)' is simply exquisite. A track you will be hearing in A-list movies and popular television programming.

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